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Artistic Easter


Here's an artist's home, and while it's not even nearly finished, it's a diorama I can be proud of after a long while. I made this diorama in the spring of 2020, and it's not currently up, as I only have one side of my desk to keep a semi-permanent diorama on, but I can rebuild this again anytime I need it. 

I've made a lot of the accessories in this dio: the macrame footstool, the rubber plant (Ficus Elastica), the guitar/mandolin wall rack, the ceiling lamp, the paper towel roll, the crochet dream catcher, most of the picture frames, all the art supplies including opening acrylic paint cans with real paint inside and my own label on the outside... And I've painted the flower pots and a chair, stained the chest, painted a whole wall and made a window for it. I will show more of this artist's living room as soon as I build more of it. Curtains and a view behind the window are my next projects, along with lots of plants for the colorful pots!


And here's the proud owner of this apartment... French musician and visual artist Simon Deforest!

Simon spent an artistic Easter by painting flower pots in his self-made apron... and nothing much underneath it!


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