Tales and Art in a Small Scale with a Big Heart

The Life and Tales of Elliot Crane

Elliot Crane is a gentle nonconformist spirit made of pure poetry that he has used to create rock music in the USA. By the age of 27 Elliot has been to prison, got himself addicted to drugs, caused his little sister’s disability, made his father vanish into thin air, nearly killed the love of his life and himself, caused his mother’s hair to gray, ruined the lives of countless other women, destroyed any chance of a career or happiness for himself, and… Now he’s looking for a bird of a kind…

…on the other side of the world, in the mysterious town of Trolliwood, located somewhere in the woods of Southern Finland, said to be like the ice of a wintry pond that captures every creature staying too long. In there lives one of the best photographers of the entire galaxy, Sybil De Hurst, who needs no advice from you on how to be fabulous, thank you very much! She won’t stand anyone talking or singing their way into her heart. Oh, that’s too bad! For a certain someone, not keeping his pie hole shut is a form of art…

A gritty and dark magical realistic tale about greed, love, hate, cruelty and forgiveness.

I’ve borrowed Elliot’s looks and personality from the late singer-songwriter and guitarist Jeff Buckley. The storylines are inspired by his songs, but not by his life; Elliot has got his own history and future, and his accent is also different.

This multi-season tale started on Flickr in 2011. I haven’t made any new episodes since 2016 due to me having to perform some impossibly difficult restoring operations on Elliot, but I will be posting a new old episode whenever I have the time, and by the time I eventually run out of them, I will start posting brand new episodes!

I will be fixing some issues of the story as I go through it and post the episodes here. One major thing that will be different from the Flickr story is that it contained lyrics to Jeff’s songs, as if they were Elliot’s. I will leave those song lyrics out of this website and replace them with my own poems. That way I have the copyright of Elliot’s songs, and it will be easier to transform the whole story into books… which I am currently also writing. The books will have a different structure and many different scenes from this story, so it doesn’t matter that I post this story online; it won’t really spoil much of the upcoming books, as both will be a world of their own.

This is the very first time this story is going to be out there for the whole world to see, as some photos on Flickr can only be viewed if you’re registered and signed in over there. Here I don’t have to censor a thing!

The old episodes take place in 2011 and 2012, and I hope that one day I will get to show these characters in current times as well.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the roller coaster ride that is the life and tales of Elliot Crane in all their glory and misery.

Marianne Tahko

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It Ain't Easy for a Hero

S1E8: It Ain’t Easy for a Hero

  It’s 6 PM and 24 hours after Elliot was stabbed. He’s lying on the hospital bed after his operation the day before. Elliot (quietly humming): “Fall, fall, fall But not from too high

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S1E7: The Assault

  Elliot (singing): “Shell of an angel Why can’t they come as whole? I wanted her to be my home As I loved her so She landed right in front of me And I

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I mean that music as well as all other forms of art is the best way of expressing yourself. If something sucks, you put it into a song or a canvas, and nobody takes offence, ‘cause it’s art. They don’t take it as an offense even if you direct it at them. It’s still art to them. It’s that simple. The world would be so much better a place to live in if people did more art and just kept their mouths shut most of the time. That’s what I truly believe.”

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