Tales and Art in a Small Scale with a Big Heart

La Teinte Flamboyant

- Love and Loathing in the Time of Corona

Simon Deforest [SE-MAWn dəfəw-RES] is un artiste most extraordinaire. This hopeless bohémien romantic looks for love without even knowing it and doesn’t recognize it when it collades with him. By profession, Simon bakes cakes and teaches visual art by posing nude. As a hobby, he writes plays of tragical, all-consuming love. He makes theatre of his whole life with his bold lines, costumes, make-up and gestures.

But when it comes to romance in real life, Simon is invigoratingly inexperienced. It so happens that one day, without realizing it, Simon fell in love with the dazzling Shania Simmons, a woman known for being a real serial dater… And he’s not over her, no matter how hard he tries!

Set in current times, La Teinte Flamboyant, “The Flamboyant Nuance”, shows what it’s like to date someone in the middle of a deadly pandemic without actually dating anyone. Just a light, rapid touch of love, and it’s gone – just like in a tragical romance. Oh well, c’est la vie!

This is a translation of a story where the characters speak mainly Finnish and French. It has originally been published in Finnish in Ninni Polvi’s doll story called Silky Street. My translation shows only parts of the original story (mainly flashbacks) and also adds things that are not in it; this is told more from the perspectives of Simon and other Trolliwoodians and contains mostly my photos. All the photos without my name on them belong to Ninni. We have also written many of the original scenes together.  And it’s worth noting that unlike The Life and Tales of Elliot Crane, this story contains character thoughts. Welcome to feel every last bit of joy and pain with these vibrant, flamboyant people!

Oh, she smells so nice... camomile and lavender. Enchanting. I feel so light. All the pain gone. Head full of fog. Who were I before her? Or were I anything? It matters not. I will become a hermit with her. I will disappear into her and be hers. I will do anything for her. I don't want to be found, ever again.”

T'ere will be summer in Westeros before t'at crème-assed omniscient learns to prendre note of people ot'er than herself.”

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