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I have always enjoyed playing with words in the strangests of ways... This is a place for the poems I have written, inspired mostly by my characters and their storylines. All copyright is mine, so please do not post the text or pictures anywhere on their own. Sharing a link to my website is always fine, though, and encouraged too. I'm a dirt poor artist trying to find a way to make a living with my art someday if there's any way I can. Thank you for understanding, and I hope you enjoy these little pieces of work into which I have poured both my heart and my soul.
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Prince Charming

Décadent Prince Charming

  (A Poem about Simon)   Bonsoir, I’m a décadent Prince Charming! Yes, I love make-up and lace What about it? What do you say, I look like a matador? I don’t even eat

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It Must Be Hard

It Must Be Hard

    It must be hard Everyone wants a piece of you And yet you want no one Because you know they think you’re just a piece of scum Something to be used, chewed

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So Flew the Birdie

    So flew the birdie High above Along with the angels Far over the clouds To freedom and delight   She went away To a place without pain Or sorrow, ever Through a

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It Was All for a Jest

    I went to the woods one day Though heard there had been Other people there in the hay So I took my boy with me To test them stories And see what

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The Aisle of Broken Dreams

      I’m not close enough to receive the signal And I don’t have my ears open The aisle of broken dreams Only sings its eulogy to those who hear   I have

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Sitting on Top of Amplifiers

    When I die, I wanna sit high above This world singing that old tune That makes the Earth shake with laughter Never ending, forever continuing Celebrating life in the most extravagant ways

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Hello, and welcome to my world!

I am Marianne Tahko, a Finnish artist and writer. I have made art all my life, and I’m mostly self-taught. In 2006 I started collecting fashion dolls and shortly after customizing them more to my liking, and writing stories with them as my characters. I’m now writing those stories – or tales, as I like to call them – as books I hope to publish in the future. My favorite genre is magical realism; I like painting realistic looking personalities and writing magic into their lives. I hope you find joy in my work. Any questions? Let me know!

Marianne Tahko

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