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Elliot Crane

Elliot Crane is my favorite doll of them all. I've resculpted, repainted and rerooted him, and he's my most inspiring story character. Unfortunately his head started yellowing years ago, so that's the main reason his story has been on hold. I've been performing some difficult restoration operations on him that involve building him a completely new face with pastel dyed epoxy putty. Next time you see him, he will look more like Jeff Buckley - my original inspiration for him - and yet still like himself. Except his new face won't yellow anymore. I look forward to getting my darling Elliot finished and new episodes done this year.

The base doll behind Elliot is Model Citizen Lukas by Integrity Toys. 

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Robert M
Robert M
1 year ago

Hi Marianne, I am looking through your lovely website (link after seeing your comment on W club for integrity toys) and I came across the OOAK dolls – and Elliot Crane stood out for good reason.
I clicked on the image to see him larger on screen, and low and behold it is like seeing Jeff Buckley again after all these years.
You’ve just made me very happy to see a doll that looks like Jeff and I am very jealous I don’t have one like him. I do hope the new restoration means his head won’t yellow in the future. You do brilliant OOAK work and thank you for sharing your talents. Have a great evening.

Robert M
Robert M
1 year ago

We all need spirit lifting this year – so I’m happy to oblige in lifting yours πŸ™‚
I can’t wait to see new Elliot’s comeback. I can only imagine how much effort all this is and a true labour of love for you, no matter how long it takes. I wish I had your talents to do these and create my own characters.

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