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An Interview with Axl

Interviewer: “Hi and it’s so nice to meet you again, Mr. Strand! Thanks a lot for coming!”

Axl: “Please just call me Axl. We have known each other long enough. It’s always a pleasure seeing you!”

Interviewer: “Likewise! All right, I’m gonna ask you some guestion now about your current show, The Sookeh Smackhouse Picture Show. You are still in it, right?”

Axl: “Hell yeah! I’m sorry that you haven’t seen a lot of it lately. We have been on a long break because we have had to do some big changes in casting and scenery. Plus we had nobody to play Will. At first they were going to give the role to Johnny Walker, but he encountered a personal tragedy a few months ago and he was no longer so eager to play a killer…”

Interviewer: “Oh yes, that! His fiancΓ©e died in a terrible accident! Ah, it was quite understandable that he pulled out, then.”

Axl: “Quite. But the show is coming back next month, and the good thing is that we got someone else to play Will!”

Interviewer: “Oh, how interesting! Would you mind spilling the beans?”

Axl: “It’s this great actor who has been playing a lot of horror roles in the past. His name is Raoul De la Noye. You might remember him from many vampire roles. Verona, who plays Kat on ‘Sookeh Smackhouse’ recommended him. From what I can tell he seems like a nice guy.”

Interviewer: “You have already met him?!?”

Axl: “Of course I have. We have already shot scenes together since the show is coming back soon, on the 12th of June to be precise.”

Interviewer: “How exciting! You mentioned something about changes in casting. Is Isabel still around?”

Axl: “Of course she is. There’s nobody else who could be as convincing as Sookeh as Isabel is. For now the show has pretty much been seen as ‘the Erik and Sookeh show’, but things are gonna change from episode 4 onwards, since that’s when Raoul is joining the cast as Will Comstock, Sookeh’s boyfriend. I’m expecting some serious struggles for power between Will and Erik in the coming episodes. It’s gonna be good!”

Interviewer: Ah, NOW you’re talking! I can’t wait to see how it all pans out! But what about Jessika? Will your girlfriend Luna Helene return to her role on the show?”

Axl: “I can’t speak for her, to be honest…”

Interviewer: “And you? How long are you going to play Erik? Do you already know that? You’re not going anywhere, are you?”

Axl: “I will hang around at least until the end of season 1. I would love to stick to it indefinitely if you ask me, but you just never know in this business how long your fame carries you… You just never know.”

Interviewer: “Aww, it would be a shame to lose you, just know that. Thank you very much for this exciting interview, and now would you share your playlist of the week with our viewers?”

Axl: “Fo’ sure, if there’s still space left in this column. The pleasure is all mine.”


1. I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water -Elvis Presley
2. Sweet Talk -The Killers
3. A Bad Dream -Keane
4. By The Time -Mika feat Imogen Heap
5. Eamonn An Chnoic -Celtic instrumental
6. I’m Going Slightly Mad -Queen
7. Everywhere I go -Lissie
8. Broken -Norah Jones
9. Across The Universe -Rufus Wainwright
10. Evelyn -Hurts

Interviewer: “Oh my God! Our playlists are identical! How did this happen?”

Axl: “Great minds think alike.”


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