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Bessie the Goldilocks


Bessie the Goldilocks


What did Goldilocks do after her encounter with the three bears? She became a violinist in Trolliwood's Opera House! Okay, seriously, that's not her name. That's Bessie, short from Elizabeth. And her violin is more like a viola. I do have better scaled violins for my dolls these days. This Poppy is my quickest repaint ever; I finished her in about a day. She has applied eyelashes too. They are not black, but brown, hence not very visible. Bessie is my favorite Poppy of them all. If Elliot's ex-girlfriend Lissie (also short from Elizabeth) ever came to my stories, this is about what she would look like. Bessie has a very innocent flair about her with her wide eyes and small eyebrows, and so would Lissie have too. 

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