Tales and Art in a Small Scale with a Big Heart

The Prey



The stars show your way
Through the darkening woods
The leaves soften your path
And hide your foot marks from suspicious looks

So you believe

The wind speeds you up
And softly strokes your tangled hair
The time cures all your wounds
And makes them that much easier to bear

So you need

So long have you been waiting for
Satisfaction, release from your pain
You think you can get it all
And achieve some sort of personal gain

So you succeed

Stepping into the water
Trying to get clean of it all
You only find out
How in the middle of it all you are so small

So you kneel

Slowly coming closer to your destination
Tired, you just want to call it your home
But little do you know
It is all in the hands of a gnome

So you bleed



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