Tales and Art in a Small Scale with a Big Heart

The Working Class Prince and Princess



There was a queen in California
Who married a prince
A working class prince

And they had two children
Working class prince and princess
Who never felt happy ever since

For the queen's prince was turned into a frog
By the evil spell, living in a glass prison
The spell had gotten free for the fog
And the daddy prince blamed it all on the prodigal son

So he lived with the spell
Caused the princess to lose her vision
Put it on the li'l prince who was thrown into a cell
And said that he was done

The li'l prince got out
The daddy prince was gone
The princess put it on the li'l prince
Said she wanted to reach for the gun

He said: "No, that won't do"
He made her sad
She made him crazy
Offered her some of his glue, said:
"Let's get hazy"

The queen said how she felt bad
'Cause he was so lazy
"Do some real work or walk away," she said
"Or you're gonna turn out just like your dad"

He said: "No, that won't do
Gonna go and never come back
Will you then give me some slack?"
Maybe yes, maybe no
But he's gonna go
And bloom just like a daisy

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