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The Tattooed Artist


The Tattooed Artist

This is my graphite drawing of Simon that was supposed to be just a practice piece for curly hair. Hence it's in my sketchbook on poor paper and I couldn't make it quite as nice as I wanted. I used a black colored pencil to do the dark bits, which was revolutionary for me, as I never managed to draw as dark as needed with just graphite pencils. But the stupid thing is that I had to add some lost highlights with acrylic paint due to not being able to pull them from the poor paper with the eraser, which is not ideal. This turned out to be a study of not only curly hair, but lace, velvet and jewelry too. So I'm not entirely sad that I couldn't make it as good as I wanted. The next one will be better. And there WILL be a next one, as I'm quite excited about drawing after a long while.

You may share my work in social media with proper linking back to this site. Also, check out my other posts and leave comments wherever you wish. I welcome all constructive criticism with open arms.

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