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All the Pretty Horses


Friendship is magic, right? Here are my Asmus horses. The white one on the right is Stardust, except she's going to need a new name. I don't think that's a good name for a horse of a guy named Tristan. They are too similar. So I'm looking for another, maybe medieval name for that and the other white horse. Any ideas?

The brown horse is Comet, after the 90's TV show, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. I loved that show! It was so brilliantly absurd. I have one more brown horse that I've painted black. That one is named Kahula and belongs to my Jason, and it can also portray Elliot's horse Blackie in a flashback scene from his childhood if I ever do one.


Tristan seems to be the official horse tender of, er, all of Trolliwood. I haven't seen anyone else taking interest in them here yet, anyway.


Tristan and his horse Stardust or whatever her name will remain as are clearly a match made in Heaven!





Tristan puts so much concentration into cuddling with Stardust that he doesn't notice his sword dropping off his belt. Uh-oh! That could be dangerous in the ancient woods of Trolliwood. This couple is not from the present day when things have calmed down (a bit).

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