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OOAK Dolls

OOAK means one of a kind. I create OOAK dolls out of factory dolls, because I like my dolls looking a bit more human. And painting is fun! Rerooting not so much, but I do that as well. And I add rooted upper eyelashes even on male dolls, because they deserve it. I mostly work on dolls by Integrity Toys, as I like their head sculpts the best. On this page I display OOAK dolls residing in my personal collection and also dolls I've sold or customized as commissions. The scale is usually 1/6, but I have also repainted some 1/4 scale dolls. These are delicate art dolls, so whenever I ship a doll off, I advice the new owner to handle her/him with care. I use high quality acrylic paints that can survive a doll swimming in the ocean, though. (Yes, I have tried, but generally do not recommend it.)

I don’t usually take “before” photos of my OOAK dolls, but here is an example of one my dolls called Simon Deforest in his original state and after I was done with him. His beard is done with watercolors, so it’s not a permanent fixture. Everything else is. You can see more of my work below in the galleries.

I must mention that when you click on “next” or “previous”, the whole page reloads onto another page instead of just refreshing the picture section. I’d like to fix that, but I’m not a web developer, so there’s nothing I can do about it until the page builder I’m using (Elementor) makes an update on it. Just so you know in case you’re wondering. I really like how these galleries turned out otherwise; like they’re packs of floating cards. I created a custom post type just for this purpose. Click on a title to view the whole picture with description and in many cases a series of pictures of the same doll. I will upload more pictures as soon as I can – and occasionally even tutorials!

Gallery: My Collection
Gallery: Sold Dolls


Gallery: Commissions

Hello, and welcome to my world!

I am Marianne Tahko, a Finnish artist and writer. I have made art all my life, and I’m mostly self-taught. In 2006 I started collecting fashion dolls and shortly after customizing them more to my liking, and writing stories with them as my characters. I’m now writing those stories – or tales, as I like to call them – as books I hope to publish in the future. My favorite genre is magical realism; I like painting realistic looking personalities and writing magic into their lives. I hope you find joy in my work. Any questions? Let me know!

Marianne Tahko

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