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World’s Smallest My Little Ponies

Let me introduce to you... World's Smallest My Little Ponies! These are miniature versions of Blue Belle, Cotton Candy, Snuzzle, Butterscotch, Minty and Firefly. I have some of the Friendship Is Magic mini ponies for Simon, and I have for the longest time wished I could give him some 1st generation MLPs, which are familiar to me from my childhood. Minty should have a white mane and tale, and Firefly should be in a different position and have wings, but otherwise these are pretty accurate. I hope there will be more sets of these and more variation in poses and looks next time. Meanwhile, these will do just fine. Their manes and tails appear to be Nylon hair. They come two in a set, with a comb included. ❤️

My Little Ponies kicked Malibu Christie out of her home! The miniature Malibu Christie came with the miniature Malibu Barbie house, which are both a little tiny for 1/6 dolls. They are more like 1/12 scale for 1/6 scale dolls... But I think the ponies are going to take the house to themselves anyway.


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