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I'm slowly but surely building a French bakery-café diorama, so I'm making lots and lots of French pastries in 1/6 scale out of polymer clay. The brand I use is Fimo, as it's the easiest for me to get and works like a dream. I have various types of pastries in various stages in the making. I'm now portraying some of my finished works.

These are my first polymer clay croissants ever, from October 2020. 

I made a second batch in September 2021. These are slightly smoother and lighter in color than the first ones from a year before.

I was on a roll in September and also made these almond croissants with icing sugar.

These heart-shaped cherry pastries I made with my own mold. The icing was very difficult to make, but I think these turned out pretty nice.

Here are pistachio madeleines with chocolate icing, also made with my own mold. I made a cane for the crushed pistachio, so if you look very, very carefully, you may see different hues in these tiny pistachio pieces.

Peppermint chocolate meringues and the same sort of macarons. I extruded the meringues through a real piping tube, and I made and baked the macarons in three stages. None of these were simple to make.

Peppermint éclairs with super tiny candy canes. I extruded the cream through a real piping tube, and like the macarons, I have made and baked these in three stages. These would be impossible to compile at once.

Simple financiers that I made with my own mold in the shape of a gold bar. I think I will decorate the next batch somehow.

Brioche bread as a whole and neatly cut.

A little behind the scenes with the éclairs... I first made a batch of several grooved éclairs. Then I colored them with pastel powder and pre-baked them for ten minutes. I then chose the best one to make a silicone mold with. The éclair on the right is fresh out of that mold. I cut some éclairs in half and left some intact for different éclairs I will be decorating later. I have since made another, half-éclair mold for just the tops though, as it's easier to use for éclairs I'm going to cut in half. But this full-èclair mold works for them too.

Now, icing the éclairs with a real piping tube is a bit tricky... I bought the tiniest one I could find; the diameter of the star-shaped hole is two millimeters, which makes some super tiny grooves. I made the icing by mixing some liquid Fimo into the ordinary Fimo I use. That made it flexible enough to go through the piping tube when I pushed it with a ball-tipped tool. So, so difficult, but oh, so rewarding! I made a few swirls, put the tops on and pre-baked the éclairs another ten minutes. So far I only have the peppermint éclairs with their pink cream finished. These ones with the white cream are still waiting for me to decide what to decorate them with.


You may share my work in social media with proper linking back to this site. Also, check out my other posts and leave comments wherever you wish. I welcome all constructive criticism with open arms.

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