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Décadent Prince Charming


(A Poem about Simon)


Bonsoir, I’m a décadent Prince Charming!

Yes, I love make-up and lace
What about it?
What do you say, I look like a matador?
I don’t even eat meat, you know!

I’m a décadent Prince Charming!
At least in my own head
Everybody hates me and undeservedly so
For some reason they all think I’m a ho

I send girls imaginary flowers
And take part in wild orgies
That’s what they say anyway
I’m tired of saying I’m sorry

The reality is that I’m just bad with people
I get along with animals fine
The proof of that is Stardust as Pegasos
With whom I dine

My heart is so dark, I cry black tears
I’ll never be able to let go of all my fears
I’m décacent, so décadent
I’m a décadent Prince Charming!

For some my ways may be a bit rogue
But guess what?
With my good looks and décadent charm
If I wanted to, I would still land in Vogue!


Prince Charming


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