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It Must Be Hard


It Must Be Hard


It must be hard 
Everyone wants a piece of you
And yet you want no one
Because you know they think you're just a piece of scum
Something to be used, chewed and spat out

Take all this attention 
Give in to the flattery and pseudo ascencion
Or be on your own

A partner is not a compulsory thing
Not if they burn you out
And make your soul no longer sing

Your face can be full of ugly marks
Of past life with its rough paths
Or smooth like a newborn's hands
That have touched nothing bad

They see right through your skin
And find their way within
Those monsters there breathing, living
Making you feel numb

Yes, it must be hard
To let the venom make a nest inside you
"Insecurity calling here, let me book in"


Sometimes a single image can inspire a poem that takes a few minutes to write.

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