Tales and Art in a Small Scale with a Big Heart

Décadent Prince Charming

Prince Charming

  (A Poem about Simon)   Bonsoir, I’m a décadent Prince Charming! Yes, I love make-up and lace What about it? What do you say, I look like a matador? I don’t even eat meat, you know! I’m a décadent Prince Charming! At least in my own head Everybody hates me and undeservedly so For […]

It Must Be Hard

It Must Be Hard

    It must be hard Everyone wants a piece of you And yet you want no one Because you know they think you’re just a piece of scum Something to be used, chewed and spat out Take all this attention Give in to the flattery and pseudo ascencion Or be on your own A […]

So Flew the Birdie


    So flew the birdie High above Along with the angels Far over the clouds To freedom and delight   She went away To a place without pain Or sorrow, ever Through a golden gate Into a light so bright   She is now fine But before she left us She told us about […]

It Was All for a Jest

    I went to the woods one day Though heard there had been Other people there in the hay So I took my boy with me To test them stories And see what might be It was all for a jest But my boy was gone And futile was the quest A day and […]

The Aisle of Broken Dreams


      I’m not close enough to receive the signal And I don’t have my ears open The aisle of broken dreams Only sings its eulogy to those who hear   I have blinds on my eyes And not enough strength to remove them The forest of wild creatures Only shows itself to those […]

Sitting on Top of Amplifiers

    When I die, I wanna sit high above This world singing that old tune That makes the Earth shake with laughter Never ending, forever continuing Celebrating life in the most extravagant ways Making it travel faster I wanna sit on top of amplifiers Looking at the blue sky Swinging from side to side […]

The Prey

    The stars show your way Through the darkening woods The leaves soften your path And hide your foot marks from suspicious looks So you believe The wind speeds you up And softly strokes your tangled hair The time cures all your wounds And makes them that much easier to bear So you need […]

Someone’s Gotta Sexy Mama

    Someone’s gotta sexy mama All red-lipped platinum dyed Makes men say ‘uh-uh’ And she makes women hide She’s poor but she won’t let them know She’s come to town To look for a beau Ah, no! To bond with her son Or that’s what she says She’s a bit vain Can you guess […]

The Working Class Prince and Princess

    There was a queen in California Who married a prince A working class prince And they had two children Working class prince and princess Who never felt happy ever since For the queen’s prince was turned into a frog By the evil spell, living in a glass prison The spell had gotten free […]