Tales and Art in a Small Scale with a Big Heart

S1E9: Everybody Here Wants You

Everybody Here Wants You

  Early in the next morning Elliot has a request to ask of one of the nurses… Somehow she’s able to use a video camera in the hospital and get this on film! Elliot wants to send this message to his loyal fan, Olga. Elliot (stares at the video camera with puppy eyes): “I’ve been […]

S1E8: It Ain’t Easy for a Hero

It Ain't Easy for a Hero

  It’s 6 PM and 24 hours after Elliot was stabbed. He’s lying on the hospital bed after his operation the day before. Elliot (quietly humming): “Fall, fall, fall But not from too high Fall, fall, fall on me Let me catch you before you go Stay with me for as long as morning dew […]

S1E7: The Assault


  Elliot (singing): “Shell of an angel Why can’t they come as whole? I wanted her to be my home As I loved her so She landed right in front of me And I just wanted more More, more, more, more, more What on earth have I done to her To make her so full […]

S1E6: Talk About Art, Divinity and Good News

Art and Divinity

  Elliot: “I’m screwed.” Female photographer: “What do you mean?” Elliot: “I called Ben, said that and asked him to come over, and he just answered: ‘In that case you don’t need me there! Sorry, I’m busy. See you tomorrow.’  Haa haa. He doesn’t take me seriously. Ben is supposed to be my best friend, […]

S1E5: Groupie


  Early November.   Elliot (in a girl’s voice): “Toto, I’ve a feeling we ain’t in Kansas no more.” Ben: “Hah! Too right! Not in Memphis or NYC either.” Elliot (in a girl’s voice): “We must be over the rainbow!” Ben: “It’s so cold out here. Brrr!” Elliot: “I know… I forgot my gloves at […]

S1E4: India and the Jams

India and the Jams

  An hour later… Ben: “Okay, so you’re not gonna tell me about Choco and you now, but I swear I’ll dig that story out of you sooner or later!” Elliot (laughingly): “Yeah, ’cause you’re so sure about your manipulating skills.” Ben: “Tell me what’s going on with the other girls in your life, though. […]

S1E3: Bromance


  Ben: “I never thought I’d see the day when you order nothing stronger than a coke in the bar! Wow! Rehab really did you good then, didn’t it?” Elliot: “Yeah well, I don’t spend five months outta my life for nothin’. I’ve been an absolutist for… mmm… nearly seven months now. And staying that […]

S1E2: Stalker


  Elliot: “So, you didn’t get enough of me, did ya? And here was me thinking I scared you away already. Hah!” Female photographer: “Well, the publisher liked the article so much that they want to do another one. And they were there to see your gigs… Is it really true that you traveled over […]

S1E1: Poster Boy

poster boy

  October, 2011.   Elliot: “Ya know, I ain’t good at being photographed. I only do it because… ya know, you use your image to sell your music.” Female photographer: “It will go fine! Just relax. Hey, what’s that poster on the wall?” Elliot: “It’s behind the chair. Lemme lift it up a bit and […]

Foreword: Lady in the Air


  Sometimes I walk in the woods, and it’s so peaceful and quiet that I could hear a butterfly’s wing drop in the grass. Those are the times when the little folks wake up and start whispering, “Listen to me, listen to me! You are going to have to hear this story. It is important. […]